The Enemy (Redux)

Christopher Reiner

In the past several months, while socially distancing, I rearranged and re-recorded a collection of songs that before now existed only in the form of rough demos. I’ve been playing many of them on stage for years, and it was time to spruce them up and send them out into the world. They’re straightforward (but not); funny (but not); and you can hum them or even sing along. Originally, I called them, collectively, “The Enemy.” I call these new versions “The Enemy (Redux).”

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In 2019, I finished an album that had been gesticulating wildly in the distance for several years.  I wanted to call it "Nostalgia is a Motherfucker" but instead I went with "2018," because all the songs were started in the years before and never completed.  Sometimes it was maybe a title that had been hanging around for a while ("Under the Palace Hotel") or songs that for some reason or another I never got around to finishing. All together, they're songs sung by characters who are tying, in one way or another, to change the past.

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